It’s never too late to learn a new skill and snowboarding is no exception!

No matter what your ability, our super knowledgeable, qualified  Instructors will take you on a journey of progression from the nursery and main slope to Freestyle and beyond!  



A great introduction to the board and the slope,

this 1 hour group lesson is for total newbies.

Book for your buddies and make a night of it!


Starting with the basics on the nursery slope,

this 6 hour course is taught over several sessions.

You’ll be getting to grips with the kit, balance and

linking turns by the end, in preperation for supervised session!


Once you’ve completed your beginner lessons

or can already control speed and link turns on a board,

you can take out a membership and book on to Snowboard Supervised.


Signed off?  Ready to take your riding to the next level?

Challenge yourself with this advanced coaching session.


Kids bored of the usual after school clubs?

Make the most of Norfolk’s best mountain and learn to ride it,

with our Junior Beginner Lessons and Junior Snowboard Club!


Because we know beginners and improvers isn’t the right fit for everyone,

private lessons give you the opportunity to regain your confidence

on the board and work on your goals!


Once you’ve been ‘signed off’ from the top

of the main slope and have mastered your board

our Coaches will introduce you to the art of Freestyle!


‘Signed off’ from the main slope? 

You can book to attend Open Practice, work on your riding

and just enjoy being on top of Trowse Mountain 😉 




What age can you learn to Snowboard?

Our Junior Snowboard Group is aged from 8 to 14, but you’ll need to attend a set of Beginner Lessons first.

Our regular Taster sessions are 12+ but once every month, we run a Taster session for 8-14 year olds.

Saturday Beginner Lessons alternate between 12+ and 8-14.


How much does it cost?

Depends on which session or lesson you book – check out prices here

How do I book?

You can book a Taster online. For any other lessons, please give us a call 01603 662781.

What time do we need to arrive?

For Tasters and Lessons, please arrive 30 minutes early to get kitted up.

I’m a complete beginner, where do I start?

If you just fancy a try, then the 1 hour Taster is perfect!  If you want to learn the basics, then definitely Beginner Lessons.

What should I bring/wear?

Head to our What to Wear page 🙂

Do you provide kit?

We provide the helmet, boots, board, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads – once you’ve been signed off from the top of the main slope, we do expect you to purchase your own wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.

Can I bring my own?

Yes!  Lots of people bring their own kit when they regularly snowboard.

Will there be an Instructor?

Definitely!!!  All of our Instructors are fully qualified volunteers, who teach to share their love of the sport, our heroes!

I’ve snowboarded before, can I try your slope?

Afraid you can’t just rock up, but if you are able to link turns and control your speed then Supervised is for you.  Our Instructors need to know you are safe before letting you lose!

I can snowboard, can I teach my family/friends?

Nope!  You may know what you’re doing but our fabulous Instructors go through a lot of continual training and checks to ensure they are competent to teach on our slopes 😊


“My partner and I loved the idea of snowboarding. He can ski but I can’t so decided to try boarding as neither of us had done it before. All the trainers were brilliant, Mark especially! We felt completely at ease and felt everyone had great knowledge of the sport. We loved it so much we will be booking the beginner lessons! See you soon!”
Peanut! - Tripadvisor

“I watch my partner snowboard here and meet friends for a couple of drinks, lovely place. Friendly staff, good atmosphere & delicious reasonably priced food”
Ellie - Google Reviews

“We go every week. The staff are fantastic, supportive and encouraging. The facilities are equally good. We have used the skiing and are now taking up snowboarding. Can’t recommend them enough. Great food, bar and viewing area upstairs
Phil - Google Review