Norfolk Race Team ERSA Champs!

Norfolk Bring Home the Trophy

It’s official, Norfolk Ski Race Team are the ERSA Summer League Champions!

The start of the summer league began in May with racing in Welwyn and the Race Team have travelled throughout the Eastern region throughout the Summer, competing against Bromley, Ambition, Vikings, Welwyn, Essex, SMK and Hemel.

Last weekend the finals of the Eastern Region Races proved Norfolk to have the fastest overall times and winners of this year’s cup!  A huge success for the team and Coaches, who spend many hours volunteering their time and expertise.

Well done Norfolk!!!


AGM 2021

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Timetable Change This Sunday

This Sunday we are hosting another Race Event - Eastern Region Snowsports Association, as part of the Summer League timetable.  Over 130 racers will be competing from the Eastern Region. This does mean a change to our usual slope timetable, but you are very welcome to...

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