Snowboarders and Skiers are introduced to the world of Freestyle in a safe, friendly environment.  

We believe that given the chance and under the guidance of our expert Coaches,

anyone can achieve their ambitions and excel in the world of Freestyle.

We’ve got rails, boxes, gas pipes, a great kicker and quarter pipe to boot!     



Starting with the basics you’ll be introduced to the freestyle facilities and terrain park.

Building on your confidence and ability, you’ll soon be ‘grinding boxes’ and ‘getting air’and once you learn

how to perform basic tricks, you’ll be encouraged to push yourself to realise your own potential.

With assessments at various stages, you can reach ‘freestyle sign off’

which allows you to come and join the next session, where opportunities are endless!

Open to signed off members

age 8+

Freestyle Beginner Intermediate

1  1/2 hours


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Once you’ve been signed off from Saturday Freestyle/Freeski Coaching,

you’ll be encouraged to push the limits of your body and mind with this intermediate/advanced session.

No matter what your age (the youngest are around 8, the oldest we know of to hit the fun park was in his 80’s!)

you will feel like you’ve joined a very special family…the family of Freestyle!

Open to Freestyle signed off members

age 8+

Freestyle Intermediate Advanced

1  1/2 hours


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