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We want everyone visiting us to have a great time and memorable experience.

In order to keep everyone safe, we ask that all visitors follow our guidelines. 

If you have any queries, please ask our team! 

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  • Please be aware, snowsports activities are potentially hazardous – all users of the facility do so at their own risk – the Club accepts no responsibility for accidents, loss or injury.
  • If you do not abide by the Clubs rules or are deemed to be acting in an unsafe or inappropriate manner, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the slope and premises – no refund will be given.  Your membership may be withdrawn.
  • All visitors and members should familiarise themselves with the NSC Code of Conduct on the link below –
    NSC – Code of Conduct
  • Club volunteers should also read the additional supplement below – 
    NSC – Code of Conduct – Volunteers + Staff Supplement 
  • All bookings  are advised to be made in advance via our reception team or online booking system – we are accepting walk-ins but only if there is space on a session. Some sessions are very popular and do fill up quickly so we do advise booking in advance.
  • All bookings must be paid for at time of booking.  These are non-refundable and non-transferable.  
  • A membership is not required to enjoy tubing, tasters, beginner lessons, private lessons or for some of the holiday sessions and special events.  A membership is required for all other coaching sessions.
  • Once any family member turns 18, they will require a membership in their own right.
  • Gift vouchers are usually valid for 12 months – please check the expiry date.  
  • They can be used for part payment towards an activity or membership. These cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Please ensure you check your booking confirmation for arrival time.  

  • Late arrivals may not be admitted if this adversely interferes with the session or safety briefing – in these circumstances a refund will not be given. 

  • Please ensure you check in with reception on arrival and only use the designated entrance. 

  • Use of essential equipment is included in the price of your booking – ski and snowboard equipment can be requested at the time of your booking – helmets can be requested on arrival.

  • Full-fingered gloves and face coverings must be worn on the slopes – these can be purchased at reception.

  • The appropriate clothes must be worn for all activities – long sleeves, long trousers, closed toe flat shoes for tubing.  Please tie back long hair.

  • Helmets must be worn by all slope users.

  • We strongly recommend all snowboarders wear wrist guards, knee and elbow pads – these will be provided for beginner lessons but not after that point.

  • No teaching is allowed – only Norfolk Snowsports Club Instructors and Coaches are permitted to coach on our slopes or pre-approved Coaches as part of a slope hire agreement.
  • All users of the Club are asked to act in a responsible manner, give consideration to themselves and others around them and to prevent damage to the Club’s equipment and facilities. 

  • Please be mindful when carrying equipment not to hurt anyone around you or to leave equipment where it could cause an accident or injury, including on the slope.

  • When using the travellators and POMA lift, remember to give consideration to other slope users and always join at the entry point at the bottom.

  • Give way to other skiers and snowboarders in front of you – straight running is strictly forbidden

  • When accessing the slope from the POMA lift, waves, moguls or fun park, ensure you check you have given other skiers and snowboarders already on the slope, plenty of space to continue their run.

  • Snowboarders – please check carefully before changing direction and look backwards when starting a turn heel side.

  • If you need to stop, do so at the side of the slope away from the main run, so you do not obstruct other slope users – do not sit down.

  • Open Practice is only suitable for skiers/snowboarders who have been signed off by a Norfolk Snowsports Club Instructor/Coach, to safely control speed and turns from the top of the main slope.

  • Please report to reception or maintenance, any defect or hazard you may see.

  • Please, no drinking, eating or smoking on the slopes. 

  • Obey all signs, markings or advice/warnings from slope supervisors, Instructors, Coaches and team members.

  • The fun park, waves and moguls are designed for more experienced skiers/snowboarders and should not be attempted without tuition and practice runs from a lower level.

  • For our experienced riders – before attempting any jumps, assess how fast the slope is running.

  • Please remember, when it’s cold, wet or icy, the slope will run much faster and you will need a higher level of control to avoid collisions and accidents.

  • It is inevitable that we will have changes to the timetable for events, maintenance or unforeseen circumstances.  We reserve the right to make changes at any time and will do our best to communicate this through our website and social media channels. 
  • Children must not be left unaccompanied at the Club under the age of 14 years old – unless they are attending a day camp and this has been clearly communicated. 

  • All visitors and staff are expected to adhere to our safeguarding policy, which can be found on our website.

  • You are welcome to take photos and videos of yourself and your children, except in the changing area/bootroom, but you must be careful not to cause a hazard to other slope users. 
  • You may be asked by staff the purpose of taking photos/videos on site.  We also reserve the right to ask you to cease taking photos/videos for any reason.
  • If you are unhappy about someone taking images, please speak to a member of staff immediately.
  • The Club does take photos videos for marketing purposes and social media – if you would prefer for you or your family not to be included, please let the photographer know at the time.
  • Sessions may be videoed as part of a teaching tool – again please let the Instructor/Coach know at the time if you would prefer not to be included.
  • The Club does operate a CCTV system throughout the premises for the purpose of crime prevention.
  • First aid assistance is available via our Instructors, Coaches, Reception and Maintenance team.

  • All accidents and injuries must be reported to reception so this can be recorded.

  • If you or the person you are booking for has a medical condition or disability which may affect their safety or that of someone else’s, you must let a member of staff know before booking. 

  • Norfolk Snowsports Club can not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of your property whilst on the premises.  We do ask you to leave valuables at home and only bring with you essential items.

  • Some lockers are available in the bootroom.