Executive Members 2021

At this years’ AGM we had some new members join the Executive Committee and a change of responsibilities.  All of our Executive members are volunteers.

Richard Oliver – Club Chair.  Operations Committee. Maintenance.  Health & Safety.  SSE Liaison.

Dudley George – Vice Chair.  Operations Committee.  Volunteer Liaison. SSE Liaison. Ski & Snowboard Equipment. Disabled Lift Working Group.

Rebecca Matthews – Club Secretary.  Operations Committee. Governance & Policies. Grants & Funding. SSE Liaison.

David Baxter – Club Treasurer.  Operations Committee. Finance & Budgeting. Bar & Licencing.

David Rich – Operations Committee. Operational Improvements & Efficiencies. Volunteer Liaison.  Race Team Liaison. 

Deborah Anstee.  Operational Improvements & Efficiencies. Grants & Funding. Volunteer Liaison.

Caroline Gibbs.  Operational Improvements & Efficiencies. Marketing & Communications. Grants & Funding. 

Edgar Harding.  Operational Improvements & Efficiencies. Marketing & Communications. Grants & Funding. 

Kevin Rhead.  Instructor Committee.  Volunteer Liaison.  SSE Liaison. 

Richard Roberts.  Marketing & Communications. Disabled Lift Working Group.

Harry Steward.  Tubing. Marketing & Communications. Operational Improvements & Efficiencies.

We have a notice board in reception with minutes from the meeting, along with a feedback box for suggestions, comments compliments or complaints.

Alternatively you can email moc.stropswonsklofronnull@kcabdeef