An Incredible Day in Memory of Dave

Wow, what a day we had yesterday!  Over 100 competitors took to the slopes to Ski and Snowboard as part of our Sunday Funday, in memory of Dave, who passed away suddenly in February.

It was amazing to see people take part who haven’t been on the slope for several years, come together to share memories, laughs, tears and some healthy competition!  Starting with a slalom race and ending with dual pro team slalom, we had a bit of everything inbetween!  Adaptive skiers competed on the nursery and main slope, there was a freestyle competition in the fun park (a great warm up for next weeks Norfolk Jam!) and an agility course for Ladies and Masters.

The little kids and big kids were kept busy whizzing down in tubes and scaling up the climbing wall, kindly donated by  https://www.outdooreducationcompany.co.uk/

A raffle took place for the amazing donation of 4, yes 4 sets of skis, from https://www.snowfit.co.uk/ and we were all well fed and watered by the fabulous Alm Bar Crew!

A huge thank you to everyone in front of the cameras and behind the scenes – you made yesterday a very special day to remember for Dave’s family and friends cool

A whopping £2,643 from entries, tubing, climbing wall, clothing/ski donation, personal donation and raffle funds will be added to our Adaptive Fundraising pot, enabling us to purchase 3 new sit skis next week!



Team Events


Winners – Kicker Kangaroos                       Runners Up – Mogul Meerkats

Michael Malloy                                                       Adam Clayton
Isobel Montgomery                                               Toby Watson
Antonia Watson                                                      Jess Spanton
Richard Fiske                                                          Annabelle Lamb
Mike Garrett                                                           Douglas Cooper
Jemma Fiske                                                           Dan Croft
James Waller-Beckett                                            Jacob Kinge
Brooklyn Simons                                                   Chase Simons
Clare Hitchcox                                                        Sophie Bellwood
Chris Benner                                                           Melissa Collins

Master/Ladies Water Race

Winners – Team 1


1st –Daniel Sawyer
2nd  – Rhys Bradley
3rd – Gracie Forster and Kieran Short

Main slope race
Female                                                                    Male                                                          1st – Jess Frost-Cawdy                                           1st – Roman Carey
2nd – Rebecca Ferry                                              2nd – Thomas Snowling
3rd – Joan Lalta                                                      3rd – Ricky Frost-Cawdy

Participation awards                                           Participation awards
Charlotte Green                                                      Oscar Stevens
Eleanor Knights                                                       Gabriel Clark


Board Male
1st – Jack Howlett
2nd – Finlay Knowles
3rd – Jamie Halliday

Board Female
Rebecca Hutchings-Hyde

Ski Mixed 14+
1st – Chris Benner
2nd – Hyde Gibbs
3rd – Henry Wakeford

Ski Female Under 14
1st – Betsy Cheongvee
2nd – Tilly Lindsey
3rd – Ocean Sims

Ski Males Under 14
1st – Harry Croft
2nd – George Snelling
3rd – Marley Ward


Under 8’s
1st – Brooklyn Simons
2nd – Charlotte Sawford

Female Under 10’s                                                 Males Under 10’s
1st – Adelaide Robinson                                          1st – Fred Croft
2nd – Ocean Sims
3rd – April Robinson

Under 12’s
1st – Isabelle Brown
2nd – Sophie Bellwood
3rd – Isaac Brown

Under 16’s
1st – Henry Wakeford

Under 21’s
1st  – Megan Day
2nd – Asha Smith

Female Seniors                                                       Male Seniors
1st – Gabby Pepperell                                             1st – Charlie Storey

Female Masters                                                     Male Masters
1st – Melissa Collins                                                1st – Richard Fiske
2nd – Melanie Watson                                            2nd – Douglas Cooper
3rd – Vicky Taylor                                                    3rd – Mark Duly

Snowboard Slalom

1st – Finley Knowles

2nd – Jamie Halliday

3rd – Becca Hutchings-Hyde

Race Team

Female Under 10’s                                                 Males Under 10’s
1st – Betsy Cheongvee                                            1st – Elliott Walker
2nd – Olivia Pownall                                                2nd – Chase Simons
3rd – Georgina Lavers-Grafton

Female Under 12’s                                                 Males Under 12’s
1st – Jemima Fiske                                                  1st – Isaac Cheongvee
2nd – Isabelle Sawford                                           2nd – Alfie Croft
3rd Jacob Kinge

Female Under 14’s                                                 Male Under 14’s
1st – Antonia Watson                                              1st – George Snelling
2nd – Rufus Snelling
3rd – Marley Ward

Female Under 16’s                                                 Male Under 16’s
1st – Heidi Gibbs                                                     1st – Alex Haddingham
2nd – Isobel Montgomery                                     2nd – Toby Watson
3rd – Lucy Kinge                                                      3rd – Tristan Mackay

Male Under 21’s
1st  – Jamie Gomez-Clarke
2nd – James Alger
3rd – Luan Meraj

Female Seniors                                                       Male Seniors
1st – Jess Spanton                                                   1st – Michael Molloy
2nd – Annabella Lamb                                            2nd – Matthew Wigmore
3rd – Alice Baldwin                                                  3rd – Daniel Molloy

Male Masters
1st – Nick Watson
2nd – Edgar Harden
3rd – Paul Tricker