The Snowfit Winter League is a competition consisting of 4 events covering various disciplines of snowsports.

These events will be held throughout the winter months and allow competitors to build points for entering and competing in each element. Upon entering the league, each competitor will be allocated a handicap to level the playing field so don’t be put off if you need a bit more practice in certain areas!

At the end of the league, the skier and snowboarder with the highest total number of points will win.


All riders will start with a whopping 1000 points, then we have the following age handicap –

Age 14-16 = 0 Points

Age 11-13 = 20 Points

Age 8-10 = 60 Points

Under 7 = 100 Points

Check out the Disciplines tab for specific event scoring!

If you can’t make one of the timed events, you will be deducted points to make sure you don’t have an unfair advantage on anyone who competed (this will be calculated by Snowfit). If you miss a freestyle event, you will just miss out on building more points but remember you could still be in with a chance!
Remember, that during each finals event, there will be a chance to win spot prizes on the night!

The league will consist of the following 4 events, read on to see how to score points in each one!



Seconds mean points! Each rider gets their time to one decimal place deducted from their 1000 points for example 18.63sec will get 186  taken off leaving them with 814 points. We feel the need…the need for speed!



4 features are set up on the slope for an hour jam session, riders will have 2 runs to pop together their best run.

  • 10 points for each obstacle completed
  • 5 points if you trick on
  • 5 if you trick on the obstacle
  • 5 if you trick off
  • 10 if you have a clean run top to bottom

Example – little Chris hits the top rocket rail and tricks off (15 points) then tricks on and off the box (20 points), comes off the pipe but tricks on, switches up grinds and tricks off to get top score (25 points), but then misses out on the bonus 10 points for a clean run, so scores 60 points in total – got it?



3 strikes & you’re out!

All riders need to get as far as they can on the trick list. Fail to land, lose a life, but complete a trick and you’ve got 10 points in the bag.

Remember the idea is rider progression and development, we want good skills not just “spin to win”.

The 10 trick list will be compiled by Freestyle Coaches and released before the event so you’ll have plenty of time to get practicing.

Max score = 100 points and 1 life left. Achieve this by nailing all 10 tricks – you got this!


Each rider gets their time to 1 decimal place deducted from their total score. A little warm up and then you’re off! One run to rule them all.


The skier and snowboarder with the highest total points will be crowned the best all-round riders and the lucky winners of:

A complete kit-out from Snowfitand their sponsors!

This means helmet, goggles, jacket, trousers, gloves, socks, boots, bindings and a board or set of skis!

Admission to the Snowfit Athletes Programme!

This means you’ll join the ranks of other incredible Snowfit-sponsored athletes and be on the radar of all the top brands.

During each event, there will also be the chance to win some spot prizes on the night so make sure you bring your all!


The Snowfit Winter League is open to those who meet the following critiera:

  • Aged 16 and under by March 2024
  • A current member of Norfolk Snowsports Club

That’s it!



Upon registering for the league, you will be allocated a bib number that will remain the same throughout each event. You can request a specific bib number for an extra £2 (subject to availability).

Registration will be through the normal booking procedures (online, over the phone or in person) and will open on Monday 18th September.


There is a league registration fee of £5 or £7 if requesting a specific bib.

Each event has an entry fee of £14.


Booking for each event will be available up to 2 weeks in advance and will be available through the usual booking procedures (online, over the phone or in person).



The league will run from October – January and each event will be held in place of an already scheduled session i.e., Junior Club or Freestyle Coaching.

Saturday 28th October – POLES

Saturday 2nd December – SLOPESTYLE/RAIL JAM

Saturday 6th January – BIG AIR

Saturday 3rd February – SKI X BOARD X


Each event will be held at the end of the month, meaning you’ve got lots of time to practice your skills on the slope. Remember, we have lots of sessions where you can train up with our coaches! Consider attending the following:

Wannabees – Friday at 17:30

Freestyle Coaching – Saturday at 18:30

Junior Club Ski – Saturday from 09:00

Junior Club Snowboard – Monday at 17:30

We may also run one-off sessions for disclipines not covered by the usual timetable, such as poles training for snowboarders.



Name Bib Points Rank Name Points Rank
M Ward 28 1165 1 F Owen 985 1
T Halliday 29 1140 2
M Pop 25 1115 3
T Bartlett 49 1101 4
B Cheongvee 16 1094 5
H Wright 10 1091 6
S Hartnell 27 1088 7
L Ward 23 1072 8
I Pop 14 1061 9
I Cheongvee 19 1043 10
S Elderkin 21 1042 11
S Viner 50 1037 12
O Graveling 15 1029 13
P Alston 11 1008 14
F Walker 12 998 15
A Robinson 43 992 16
A Robinson 44 992 16
S Bellwood 39 991 18
D Sweales 31 990 19
G Leigh 48 969 20
I Alston 13 966 21
D Graveling 35 965 22
N Wilkinson 51 955 23
Z Bucklee 41 952 24
M Bucklee 42 936 25
D Brewster 54 935 26
G Lavers-Grafton 36 915 27
E Excell 34 888 28
E Tennant 55 885 29
N Gopee 22 885 29
E Walker 20 880 31
J Kinge 26 877 32
I Croft 60 875 33
K Bellwood 46 875 33
O Elderkin 17 872 35
A Watson 45 865 36
T Wilson 37 863 37
G Davies 33 861 38
H Hale 53 855 39
C Parker 18 851 40
J Burckitt 57 845 41
R Brewster 56 845 41
C Barker 32 836 43
M Walpole 40 836 43
H Croft 52 830 45
B Macdonald 58 829 46
M Russell 38 815 47
T Bellwood 47 815 47
M Tennant 59 795 49
K Gopee 30 755 50