Its all about the speed

Norfolk Snowsports Club has a very active and successful race team that meet on Sunday mornings through the Winter and Friday evenings in the Summer season.  The team competes in club events, regional races and national competitions including the English and British Championships and has won the Regional ERSA competition for the last 13 years in a row!! This, paralleled with the number of English and British champions it has produced makes it one of the most successful club ski teams in England.


Entry to the race team is through our Wannabes group which meets on a Friday evening from 5.30-7pm.  This session is designed for anybody that would like to try racing and is interested in joining our Race Team.  Before joining the team, our race coaches look for commitment to the Wannabe group along with a good positive attitude towards the coaching.  The athlete also needs to be technically and physically ready to join the race team as it is a far more structured session than the Wannabes.


We encourage a transition period from Wannabes to the Race Team to make sure that the athlete is happy and able to undertake the more intense training.


The Club also offers training to a National level.  This happens on a Wednesday evening through the summer months and race coaches will invite along the race team members they feel are showing better technical ability along with a commitment to the team and are also travelling to participate in the National events.


To encourage all members to experience the thrill of racing, the Club also runs its own Club Race Championships (and Fireworks) around the 5th of November each year, and a Night Slalom during March as well as running race-themed activities at Junior Club.


If you are interested in racing please speak to your instructor or contact reception who will be able to direct you to the Head Race Coach or direct you to the right route.


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