Recent Pension News

Recent Pension News

You may have seen the recent article in the Eastern Daily Press regarding a potential fine imposed on the club

by the ‘The Pension Regulator’.

The directors of the club are fully aware of the scenario and are working through the processes this has generated.




The Operations committee worked hard on the complex process of identifying and selecting the best, pension scheme, payroll system and processes for the benefit of the clubs staff.

This is in place and the staff pensions are paid in full, in line, with the new legislation.

We are in the process of appealing the potential fine and will take all the appropriate advice and counsel to resolve the issue.




Please take our assurances that all the directors of the club continue to work hard for the well-being

and operational sustainability of the club in order to see the great work achieved over the last 49 years continue and that,

as the club grows, we continue to support the Snowsports aspirations of its members and customers.