Improving Parallel

All New Session!

New Improving Parallel Trial Sessions Announced!

NSC are pleased to announce a new trial session of “Improving Parallel” to be held on Fridays from 8:30-10pm between 25th November and 16th December.


These sessions are designed for anyone who is already 90% parallel or more and would like to just have those final tweaks to get themselves to 100% without having to slalom round the less confident learners at the earlier Fast-Track to Parallel sessions.


Please be advised that if the instructor on duty does not think your skiing level is appropriate for this advanced group then you may be asked to attend the Fast-Track at 7pm instead, but if you think you are ready to take that final step and get yourself to full parallel then come along, 8:30-10pm, no booking necessary.  Members only.


If this trial proves successful then the sessions will continue into the New Year.