ERSA Summer League Report

The weekend of 11th and 12th September saw the last of the ERSA Summer League races at Brentwood Park Ski Slope and it seems most of the Norfolk Snowsports Race Team travelled down to participate!


There were some great results in the individual slalom races –  Grace Bushell and Kieran Mitchell taking the U10 top slots with Alex Ogden and Jake Dade 1st and 3rd in U12 Boys.  In the U14s Abby Holmes was 2nd with Tommy Dade, Joseph Thompson and George Bushell sweeping the board in the boy’s race.  Megan Skipper  and Jemma Luck were 1st and 2nd in U16s with Jamie Gomez-Clarke 3rd in the boys.  Hannah Burroughs was 1st U18 and fastest female overall, Grace Collen 3rd, with Tom Holmes and Charlie Howe coming 2nd and 3rd in the men’s race. Luke Feneley was 1st U21 men, Toby Hughes 1st Masters 1  and fastest man of the day, Edward Bellamy 3rd, Melissa Sampson 1st Masters 2 Ladies,  Peter Holmes 1st and Mark Syder 2nd Masters 2 Men and finally, Ben Ousten 2nd in Masters 3 Men.


In the overall standings for the Summer League 2016 season, Norfolk had more fantastic results. Grace Bushell and Kieran Mitchell winning U10, Alex Ogden and Travis Parker 2nd and 3rd U12 boys, Abby Holmes 1st U14 girl, Joseph Thompson 1st, Tommy Dade 2nd, George Bushell 3rd U14 boys, Megan Skipper and Jemma Luck 1st and 3rd U16 girls, Hannah Burroughs 1st U18 girls, Tom Holmes and Ollie Steward 1st and 2nd U18 boys, Luke Fenely 1st U21 men, Toby Hughes and Edward Bellamy 1st and 2nd Masters 1 men, Melissa Sampson 2nd Masters 2 ladies, and finally Peter Holmes and Mark Syder 1st and 3rd Masters 2 men. 


The results continued in the team races with Norfolk  winning the Childrens 1 and Open A races.


“The Lovely Moment of the Day” came when young Jacob Kinge took rather a tumble during the Super Heroes race but not to be outdone, he picked himself up, put those skis back on all by himself, hiked back up around the missed pole and completed his run in true racing style!!! 


Finally, Norfolk again retained their crown as overall team Champion of the series – what a great season it has been. A fabulous day with wonderful efforts from everyone.  Thank you to Max Wheatman for coming along and supporting the team and apologies if we have missed anyone out – there were a lot of results to go through!