Club Champs

and fireworks spectacular

Club Champs Report

What a fantastic day at the Club Champs on Sunday 6th November, despite some rain.  There are a huge number of thank you’s to all the volunteers who spent the day at the Club making it happen (too many names to mention but you know who you are!)

Firstly to the race organisers who spent hours preparing and planning for this event; there was additional input from the adaptive crew with the adaptive races being a particular highlight of the day and it was great to see an even bigger turnout of boarders coming through the poles as well this year.  Thanks to the coaches and the volunteers who stood at the side and top of the slope and shivered, the announcer who kept the day on track and to those running the timing in the race hut.  Thanks to those who issued the bibs, kitted up and those who helped in the bar with a constant round of retrieving coffee mugs from unusual places.

Thanks to those who organised the mini freestyle jam which was gate-crashed by some of the racers, all of whom had a wonderful time and it was interesting to see some of the skills developing on the box rail.

Thanks to the tubing supervisors who helped manage our experimental tubing for 4 and 5 year olds and the instructors who took the ski taster sessions.

Thanks to those who volunteered to help with the fireworks, either setting them off or supervising the bottom of the slopes during the display and thanks to the bucket rattlers who helped us raise over £500 in donations to help towards the cost of the fireworks.  One name that must be mentioned is that of Dillon Knowles, aged 12 – you were a star!  Thank you to Andrew for stepping in when some additional first aid was needed and thank you to the cake makers for such an amazing selection of cakes.

Thanks to the staff, particularly maintenance and bar, who worked an extra-long shift starting at 7am opening and finishing after 9pm with final clear ups (always going over and above the line of duty).  Office staff were busy taking last-minute registrations during the morning and catering was on form with a BBQ as well as curry and baked potato options.  An additional visit from the pancake van went down nicely as well!

Members and visitors alike commented on the wonderful atmosphere and the inclusiveness of the event with something for everyone.  This was the Club at its very best and an event not to be missed!  So see you same time next year! #ski #skiing #snowboarding #skiinstruction#dryskislope #event #norfolk #uk