Club Champs

Race Results 2016

Club Champs Race Results 2016

Please see below the overall results for the Club Champs on Sunday 6th November.  For individual times please see the downloadable files at the bottom of the page


  Overall Fastest Racers       u8 Girls
          NOVICE 1st Tallulah Green
Female Megan Skipper       2nd Charlotte Winzor-Saile
            3rd Mia Barrett
Male Dan Molloy     ` Boys
            1st Sonny Hartnell
            2nd Jacob Kinge
            3rd Alfie Winzor-Saile
u12 Girls   u12 Girls
RACER 1st Grace Bushell   NOVICE 1st Isabel Lincoln
            2nd Axel Green
            3rd Lucy Kinge
  Boys     Boys 
  1st Alex Ogden     1st Oddy Green
  2nd Jake Dade     2nd George Wells
  3rd Jonathan Wales     3rd Gabriel Fellas
u16 Ladies   u16 Ladies
RACER 1st Megan Skipper   NOVICE 1st Megan Day
  2nd Abby Holmes     2nd Megan Cork
            3rd Izzi Hawes
  Men     Men
  1st Olliver Steward     1st Tobias Rose
  2nd Rowan Warsop     2nd James Alger
  3rd George Bushell     3rd Ben Halliday
u21 Ladies   u21 Ladies
RACER 1st Hannah Burroughs   NOVICE 1st Hannah Smith
            2nd Annabelle Lamb
            3rd Bethany Topping
  1st Thomas Holmes          
  2nd Charlie Howe          
  3rd Joseph Wales          
sen Ladies   sen Ladies
RACER 1st Sophie Skipper   NOVICE 1st Catriona Bowen
            2nd Suzanne Weir
            3rd Kate Kinge
  Men     Men
  1st Dan Molloy     1st Lee Gibling
  2nd Max Wheatman     2nd Lewis Tarnai-Wilson
  3rd Paddy Mercer     3rd Blane Kinge
Adaptive Nursery Slope   Adaptive Lower Main Slope
  1st Roman Carey     1st James Harwood
  2nd Rhona Findlay     2nd Becky Ferry
            3rd Annabel Middleton
Adaptive Full Main Slope   Adaptive Full Main Slope Sit-Ski
  1st Alex Fearne     1st James Allen
  2nd Gabriel Clarke     2nd Daisy Connell
  3rd Rory Fairfoot          
          Sit-Ski Navigators      
            Ray “Mad Max” Stewart  
            William “The Bald Eagle” Watchorn
            Toby “The Cocky Farmer” Le Coq 
Snow Boarder Girls Under 12   Snow Boarder Boys Under 12
  1st Holly Tate     1st Reuben French
          Snow Boarder Men Under 16
            1st Jack Howlett
            2nd Finley Knowles
            3rd Josh Talbot
          Snow Boarder Men Sen
            1st Andrew Smith
            2nd Robert Watling
            3rd Andrew Knowles
Knock Out Dual Slalom Head to Head          
  U12   12+  
  1st Alex Ogden   1st Dan Molloy  
  2nd Jake Dade   2nd Max Wheatman  
Team Pro-Slalom              
  1st Team 6            
  2nd Team 7            
  3rd Team 2