Xmas Food Donations

Collecting up to Monday 18th Decemeber

Christmas Food Donations




Christmas Food Donations


This year we are collecting food donations for 2 local charities:



Norwich foodbank provides crisis food parcels to thousands of people
across the Greater Norwich area every year. 
It also helps to provide much more than food by linking its clients with other partner agencies which can provide vital assistance to those in need in areas such as debt counselling, care services and family support for example.


Last year, 2016, saw Norwich Open Christmas reach it’s 25th year of providing a warm welcome to anyone

who is either alone or homeless on Christmas Day. 


Not only do they provide a Christmas Lunch, but entertainment, food parcels, warm clothing

and most importantly a warm welcome.



How can you help?


Donations of boxes, cartons & tins (non-perishable foods) for everyday use, can be included in the food parcels,

as well as ‘treats’ for the festive season, tins of biscuits, chocolates etc!


Norwich Open Christmas are also collecting warm clothes, coats, scarves, as well as sleeping bags.


We will be the collection point up until Monday 18th December

to allow time for donations to be collected by the volunteers & sorted in the lead up to Xmas.