Our Unsung Heroes!




An easily missed but vital area of volunteering at the Club,

is our Bootfitters, our unsung heroes!


These volunteers make sure every skier & boarder is best fitted to our equipment,

advising & comforting those who need extra support or for our nervous beginners.



A Family That Fits


Mark, Maxine & their son Jay have been regular bootfitters for a year.


They have been part of the Club for 8 years, when their daughter learnt to Ski,

then all followed in her ‘Ski tracks’and learnt too!


Why volunteer for the Club?


“It’s relaxing & great to give something back to the Club.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.”



What do you get out of it?


“It isn’t just about acquiring free hours for ourselves,

we love to help new members & see them develop from tasters & beginner lessons,

to loving the sport & becoming active members of the Club”.



If you are interested in becoming a Bootfitter, please speak to reception.