Norfolk Skier Returns with 3 Gold Medals

Special Olympics Alpine Races

Club Skier Brings Home 3 Gold Medals!


2020 National Alpine Skiing Competition



Last month, Club skier Annabelle Lamb headed to Switzerland for the first time to race on snow,

as part of the Special Olympics National Alpine Skiing Competition, held every 4 years.

Despite a tricky start due to the weather conditions, following a week on snow,

Annabelle returned home with 3 golds and great race results! 

The Special Olympics race is for people with learning difficulties who train on a regular basis and compete at regional level. 

Now aged 21, Annabelle, has been a member of Norfolk Snowsports Club since 2016.

This year, Annabelle is part of the intensive training to become a Volunteer Ski Instructor at the Club,

to enable her to share her love of skiing with others. 


Annabelle’s Account of the Week

We went for one week in February.  We arrived in Switzerland early evening Saturday.

The place we were staying at was an international summer camp but during the winter it’s used for ski school trips.

We settled in and said hello to some people that we knew, then later that evening another region arrived,

who had kindly taken me under their wing for coaching for the week.

They made me feel part of their team which made me feel better because then I wasn’t alone.

The next day was a familiarization day where we got ready for the slopes and looked at where the race course will be set out

and what lifts we will be using so we know where to go.

We then skied the rest of the slopes to get used to the snow,

but the weather was bad (it was heavy rain) so we finished the day early and went back to dry off.

Monday was a classification day where everyone had to do a run down through a course to get a timing

to make sure we we’re in the right group as there were three groups: advanced, intermediate and novice.

These were then divided into divisions so that you are within 10% timing of your competitor.

We we’re to do two runs and the fastest being taken as your timing but due to another day of heavy rain we only did one run.

The division I was in was the top advanced group and there was five of us.

Tuesday was giant slalom it was snowing a lot so again we had a taster run and just one run for racing,

this was due to poor visibility and I got Gold

Wednesday Super Giant Slalom this time as the weather was perfect blue sky we were able to complete two runs and I got Gold.

Thursday was slalom, two runs again another perfect day and another Gold.

Friday was the best day for me as we could spend the whole day skiing all over the mountain with our coaches and as a whole regional team.

It was my first time going to the Nationals and I was slightly nervous

but as everyone was so friendly and helpful it made me feel more confident as the week went on.

During my races I was excited to be racing on snow as I had only competed on dry slope before.

This has been the best experience I had, and I feel more confident in myself.

I am so pleased I got the opportunity to go and represent Norfolk.

My Advanced group timings for us all were as follows

Super G                                         GS                                                 Slalom

1st          48.35                                            52.45                                            1.20.61

2nd         54.09                                            56.88                                            1.40.99

3rd         55.12                                            60.61                                            1.41.01

4th         58.22                                            64.98                                            1.51.87