Improver Ski Sessions

Get faster, stronger, better

We offer a range of improver courses to suit all needs…





For adults, once you have completed the beginner ski course at the Club, or have had some experience of a similar nature elsewhere, you can attend the Supervised Ski sessions every Sunday from 5-6pm or 6-7pm, or come to both!  These are designed to continue your progressions on the nursery slope and then introduce you to the main slope, including the Poma lift.  The cost of this is £11pp and you will need to be a member to attend.


Once you are signed off to ski from the top of the slope to the bottom, you can attend Open Practice or join one of our many group sessions such as Ladies Club, Masters or Fast-Track to Parallel (see below).  For those looking to go down one of the other ski routes, we also run Freestyle Training and Wannabe Racer Sessions.  Have a look at the timetable for individual sessions.


For juniors (under 12), our supervised sessions run on Saturdays from 3:30-4:30pm and then we do a similar session from 4:30-5:30pm but at the later time parents and siblings who are already signed off can ski at the same time, meaning you get the opportunity to use the slopes as a family. The cost for this is £10pp for Juniors and £11pp for the adults/older siblings, all of whom need to be members.


Once the junior is signed off, they can attend Open Practice or join Junior ClubFreestyle Training or Wannabe Racers.

Fast-Track to Parallel

Our regular Friday night improver lessons are your pathway to Parallel.  They cater for a range of abilities, from those who are still snow ploughing to those in basic parallel and are suitable for anyone aged 12 and over.  These run from 7pm – 8.30pm for our members. 



Fast-Track to Carving

Once you have mastered parallel, you can continue enhancing your skills with the next level.  Your fast track to parallel instructor will be able to advise you when you are ready to move on to this session.  This takes place on the main slope on a Friday from 8.30pm – 10pm alongside Open Practice, every Friday throughout November, December, January and February. 



During most of the school holidays, we run an improver course which runs for 3 consecutive days for 2 hours each morning.  It is designed for anyone that has previously done a beginner’s course at the Club or equivalent elsewhere, all the way up to confident skiers who wish to progress further.  The cost is £75pp.


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