Fun park

Briton Engineering have started work in the funpark a little earlier than planned, so the Funpark is now out of action for about two weeks. The nursery slope is looking good and undergoing final checks and we will announce when this is ready for use. Cleaning continues on the intermediate slope and we are working around evening activities on this slope. Thanks to the Briton team and the NSC Maintenance team for moving these projects forward so quickly.

GBR races at Norfolk Snowsports

This weekend (30th April and 1st May) we welcome the GBR racers who will spend an action packed two days at the slope.
Please be aware that there will be no Saturday activities apart from freestyle coaching 5.30 pm to 7 pm and no Sunday activities until adult ski supervised 5 pm to 7 pm and then open practice 7 pm to 9 pm.

Ski X Board X, Saturday 16th April 2016

Calling all Club members! The Ski X Board X will be on Saturday 16th April, with open practice starting from 6pm - 6:30pm. Freestyle coaching will not run on this day however those that attend freestyle are more than welcome to enter the competition!
Jacket potatoes will be served from the bar to keep you warm and energised!!
Entry forms will be available at reception at the start of next week. booking and payment at

Summer timetable

The Summer timetable starts on Monday 11th April and there are a few changes to note including the usual switch of race training from Sunday mornings to Friday evenings. This means Wannabe Racers starts earlier at 5.15pm and Fast Track to Parallel moves to 8.45pm on Friday. Weekday afternoon open practice closes down from every afternoon to Wednesday  1pm start and Friday afternoons 3pm start and the Tuesday evening open practice from 8pm closes to make room for training for the Clubs ski and board instructors.

Another happy customer

An email has come in from a customer who brought a group tubing over the weekend:
"Hi, Just wanted to say 'thank you' for looking after our son & his friends today! The tubing was brilliant and so was the food from the cafe!
All 11 of the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did the adults I might add!"

Night Slalom Results

With just under 90 entries our annual night slalom attracted a record number of both skiers and snowboarders. The novices outnumbered the race team entrants, with competitors coming from Masters, Junior Club, Wannabes and snowboarding. The evening ran smoothly with only a single re-run and a slight delay while Paul Hitter was fitted into the flow of competitors after he completed his tubing duties rather later than planned. With the resourceful snowboarders adopting a rather novel technique to navigate out of the vertically, (involved grabbing the last pole to help them make a sharp turn to the ‘tricky’ gate that followed) the gate judges rushing back and forth to swap stubbies for poles (and back again) and the rather chilled Dave Skipper at the top of the slope, we had a great night.

A big thank you to all the parents (and Hannah) who helped out and without whom the event could not run. Thanks to the bar and catering staff who kept us all fed and watered of cause the competitors some of whom were rather reluctant to leave the last few minutes of the rugby to pick up their medals. 

Well done George

Massive congratulations to George Burroughs for winning a Gold in the Super Giant Slalom at the Special Olympic Races held in Serre Chevalier on Tuesday.