Here at the Norfolk Snowsport Club, we want to support your skiing ambition as far as you wish to take it.  That’s why we have developed our exciting ‘Masters’ session which will guide you from being a signed-off skier to an all mountain achiever.


Held on Wednesday evenings from 8:30-10pm and with an excellent group of instructors at the ready, we can cater for your every need.  Age is just a number at this adults only group and at each session we will challenge you with a series of different activities to build on your abilities and help you to achieve new heights week after week after week.


You really will finish each session with a ‘Wow, I never thought I could do that’ and feeling a massive sense of achievement.  So, no matter how old you are, or what level you are at, we really do have something special for you at our Masters session.



“After my first ever ski club holiday I was keen to improve. One of the club instructors said the quickest way to improve was to go to Masters on a Wednesday night.  Masters will push you and you will do things that you probably wouldn’t try on your own – which I guess is the point.  So, if you need a little shove to improve then Masters is for you.  It’s a little scary, a lot of fun and the way to get some serious improvement quickly.” – Mel