Practice makes perfect

Here at Norfolk Snowsports Club, we believe that given the chance, anyone can excel at Freestyle.  That’s why we have a fantastic group of Freestyle Coaches at the ready to help you achieve your ambitions.  Skiers and Snowboarders alike are introduced to the world of Freestyle in a safe, friendly environment.


Starting with the basics you will be introduced to the freestyle facilities and terrain park.  Building on your confidence and ability you will soon be ‘getting air ‘and ‘grinding boxes’ and once you learn how to perform basic tricks you will be encouraged to push yourself to realise your own potential.  With assessments at various stages, you can reach ‘sign off’ which allows you to come and join the various freestyle sessions throughout the week where your opportunities are endless.
Worried about being too young or too old?  We have all ages at our Freestyle sessions; the youngest are around 7 years old and the oldest that we know of to regularly hit the Fun Park is in his 80s!  No matter what age you are, you will feel like you have joined a very special family…the family of Freestyle!




Ski and Snowboard Freestyle Coaching is held on Saturdays from 6-8pm each week.  There you will find instructors able to introduce you to the world of rails, jumps and boxes.  If you are already able to do some tricks but need advise on others, the instructors will also be able to help you hone the technical ability you need to be a master of the Fun Park

Once you are signed off for Ski or Board Freestyle you can attend the Thursday night freestyle sessions held from 7.15-10pm.  Here you can ski or board alongside your peers so it’s a very social night as well as giving you the opportunity to learn from others.


We also have the Ski Freestyle Progression Coaching on a Sunday evening from 7-9pm, also for those signed off. 


There are also regular events throughout the year such as our Saturday Night Jams once a month or the annual Farmer’s Jam Freestyle Festival.  These are great sessions to practice your skills as well as compete against some of the best in the country!